HunterSage relaunches as nonprofit strategy group

Anne Hunter

After a four-year hiatus, HunterSage Marketing LLC relaunched in fall 2017 as HunterSage for Nonprofits, a strategy group committed to building thriving communities.

HunterSage differs from its marketing-focused forerunner in three important ways, according to founder Anne Hunter. “We elevated our work to the strategy level where we can have more impact. We broadened our scope of services to include all things nonprofit. And we narrowed our focus to nonprofits, social enterprises and public-sector clients.”  

The business model has changed as well. Instead of a founder-driven consultancy, HunterSage taps “the collective wisdom of the team” by building project-specific teams. It reopened with more than 25 strategic partners and three organizational collaborators – all of whom have a history of working together.  

“The new model fits clients’ need for agile, deep-knowledge talent that is available on demand,” says Hunter. “The gig economy has redefined how nonprofits respond to the ever-changing civic landscape.”