Collective Wisdom of the Team

HunterSage for Nonprofits taps the collective wisdom of our team to tackle the most pressing issues facing communities.

Deep, Sector-specific Experience

Our partners have deep, sector-specific experience – in arts and culture, civic engagement, community development, economic development, education, equity and inclusion, government, health and wellness, professional associations, social services and social enterprises.

Broad Expertise Across Disciplines

Our expertise cuts across disciplines – including strategic planning, marketing strategy and branding, financial management, fund development, program management and assessment, research, board leadership, team training and development, volunteer management, operations and infrastructure, diversity and inclusion, change management, organizational culture, organizational development, innovation and entrepreneurship, and succession planning.

Informed Perspective

Our perspective is informed by front-line, cross-sector experience. Our partners have led startups, mergers and turnarounds. We have served on nonprofit boards, held staff leadership positions and managed volunteers. We have straddled the lines between nonprofits, business and government. Many of us have earned advanced degrees and continue to teach the next generation of nonprofit leaders.  

Shared Belief in the Power of Collective Action

Despite our differences, or because of them, we share an unshakable belief in the power of organizations to build strong, thriving communities. We have devoted our lives to this cause.  




It was a professional treat to have the three of you here (for the arts training retreat). We are challenged, encouraged, engaged, and I believe, inspired to action.
— Lewis Ricci, executive director, Indiana Arts Commission