Our Story

In 1994, Anne Hunter was a newly minted MBA with leadership experience at four nonprofits, most recently The Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra. An unlikely entrepreneur, she decided to start her own marketing company under the banner of Marketing Source USA. Then, like now, the firm was committed to building stronger communities.

Marketing Source USA flourished, despite its ill-suited name. In 2011, Anne renamed the firm HunterSage Marketing to make it easier for clients to remember. By that time, it had served more than 200 nonprofit and business clients in 16 states.

In 2013, Anne did the unthinkable. She took a position with one of her clients – a $12M ed-tech startup with a charismatic founder and a compelling mission to reinvent technical education in America. She shuttered HunterSage Marketing and spent the next four years designing technology-assisted curriculum that met the needs of disadvantaged learners. When the startup closed in 2016, she pivoted back to nonprofit management, relaunching HunterSage as a nonprofit strategy group.

HunterSage for Nonprofits differs from its marketing-focused forerunner in three important ways:

  • It elevates the work to the strategy level where it can have a greater impact.

  • It broadens the scope of services to cover all things nonprofit.

  • It narrows the focus to nonprofits, social enterprises and public-sector organizations.





Anne built an incredible team at Cambio. She was there at the beginning of the four-year Filmbook project and helped lay the foundation for a best-in-class educational product that enriched the education and lives of thousands of students across the country.
— Neal Tillotson, VP of new product development, Cambio Education LLC